Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Erika and Brian and the kids drove up from Kentucky for Thanksgiving. They came up Tuesday night. Wednesday we had fun at The Web, an indoor family fun center.

I got the kids each a gift. Here is Leiah opening up her Little People farmer and dog:
 At the Web, Erika and Lauren went on a go-kart race:
 Kaylen at a video game. She is SERIOUSLY a natural.
 Rebecca at a game:
 Sebastian and Kaylen on a snowboarding game:
 Rebecca gets into the game:
 The kids on Thanksgiving day:
 The Steips:
 For an early Christmas gift, Erika and Brian went on an overnight while I watched the kids. The kids helped me decorate my tree and did a wonderful job. They loved the tinsel!

Nashville with Amy

The day after the wedding, Amy and I drove to Nashville and went to the Johnny Cash Museum, went to a country bar and grill (had great music, of course!) and then to the Country Music Hall of Fame. We had such a great time.

 This was a neat idea: Everyone pedals to make the "car" move and a tour guide steers around downtown Nashville. Everyone sings and has a jolly time:
 The Johnny Cash museum was fairly entertaining. Did not know that Johnny was not his given name. It was JR. 
 We went to lunch at Zippy's. This was one of the shirts they had on display.

 My lunch-very delish!

 Amy with Elvis:

 Hunka hunka burnin' love:
 Country Music Hall of Fame:

Shelley's Wedding

 Above is Shelley and I at Shelley's bridal shower.

Below, Shelley and I when we went to get her nails done:
 Me in my car after my hair was done for the wedding...I had to go get a sandwich for the bride and some of the wedding party since I was done.
 Without my sunglasses:
 Seleta (Matron of Honor) getting ready:
 Final pic before the ceremony started. The earrings were from Shelley. She gave them to me at the bridesmaids luncheon the day before. Perfectly matches the necklace I brought!
 Shelley and Amy. Amy and I shared a hotel room and I got to know her well. She is a great gal! 
 Shelley and Seleta:
 Decoration from the shower. Behind that, in the glass, is a net bag filled with turquoise and silver Hershey's kisses (in the wedding colors) as the favors.
 Shelley and Terri (another bridesmaid): 

Before Shelley's Wedding

I traveled to my sister's before heading to Shelley's wedding festivities. While I was there, I watched the kids for 2 days while Erika and Brian went away for a few days. It was fun to be a "mom" for a few days...and it was also very tiring! I went to bed at 9:30 every night! 

Here is Sebastian putting together one of the Styrofoam planes I brought the kids:

It was finally warm enough to use the slip 'n' slide! The kids had a great time during "recess":

Look at that cute lil copperhead! Leiah kept me company while the other kids did the slip 'n' slide:
Such a cutie!

July 4th, 2013

This Independence Day, I spent it with the Steip Family in Southern Kentucky. My sister, Tanya, was also visiting and I believe my sister, Andrea, was there a few of the days I was there.

Leiah looks nervous from all the noise of the fireworks!
 Kaylen loves her dollies and bears. She is such a sweetie.
 Brian setting up fireworks while Sebastian and Lauren look on:
 Rebecca (as well as all the kids) loved the sparklers.
 Lighting the flowers.
 Me and Kaylenie!
 Erika setting up the big guns:

New House

I can't believe I didn't post about my new house! I moved in October 9th, 2012.