Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Has it REALLY been a year?

I found myself on my blog after (apparently) a year's time. How did that happen? Well, 2013 was an interesting year to say the least. I was busy at work the first 5 months of the year due to our deadlines for workpapers and tax workpapers.  In addition, I spent a good amount of the summer working on automating some of these processes so that the department wouldn't get too far behind. I enjoyed these projects as it not only helped me but it will help people save time in the future.

I was also busy getting to know my new church family: Grace Chapel.  I was involved in 3 different bible studies (one that met at the church in a large group, another that met at Kidd Coffee and the last was a group of women that met at church but in a smaller group).  I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone at Grace Chapel.  I have also been getting a lot out of the sermons. The "Remnant" series our pastor, Jeff Greer, has been preaching has really shown that it can take only one person to make a difference for God-they just need to step up and do it! 

Through church and mutual friends, I've also met some great ladies that I can call friends!  I spend a good amount of time with my friend, Annie, who I met when I was dating John 4 years ago. She helped me (along with Corinne) decide to live in West Chester and I am eternally grateful! I love West Chester. Annie lives close by and I come over and help her run Craigslist errands (I'm her body guard). We even went to get a rooster once!

Unfortunately, I received bad news in late November-I was let go from my job. I was truly surprised but God has a plan!  I am currently applying for various positions and tomorrow I have a meeting with a consulting firm to apply for contract accounting work. 

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