Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lisa P. and Jazz T.'s Birthdays

Although it's been a month since I've posted, life has continued to happen. I have been focusing on studying, but in the midst of that a few birthdays have happened and I was lucky enough to be invited in on the celebrating.
Lisa Parrish is a sweet woman that I met several years ago when I helped my sister, Erika, with the church children's musical. Lisa has an amazing voice! For the play, she was the music director, leading the children into great musical numbers under the overall direction of Erika. I had helped out with teaching the kids the dance moves and I actually had a very official part in the play. I had a great time then and it was a pleasure getting to know Lisa.

Recently, Lisa joined my bible study so have been able to get to know her even better. She really knows her bible and her comments during group are not only insightful, but they are deep. She is an awesome woman, so I was so excited to be able to go to El Torito Grill with her and about half a dozen other women to celebrate God giving her life.

This past weekend I was invited to my friend, Jazz's, birthday party. I met Jazz about 8 or so years ago and we've kept in touch over the years. He is a very godly man and really has a heart for youth. Not only is he a high school teacher, he also volunteers his time for various youth ministries. Jazz is also a popular guy--everyone knows him! He is originally from New Orleans (aka the nickname Jazz) so he provided red beans and rice and the most delicious pork roast at the party.

I brought ice cream and others brought various items including the cake that he blew the candles out from and his close friend, Beth, made him a carrot cake (his favorite) which he tried to keep all to himself (sorry, Jazz, several people took a piece!). I had a great time catching up with another old friend of mine, Alan. Alan's wife, Jenn, was in my sister, Erika's wedding 10 years ago. I actually met Jenn and Alan before that, having joined Erika for a couple of events in her college ministry at Rolling Hills Covenant. Alan works for Stand to Reason ( which is an apologetics ministry. He goes around the country lecturing on how Christians can discuss hot topics with other Christians and non-believers. Suffice to say, he gets into some pretty deep conversations at parties because of this!

Jazz seemed to have a great time, as did everyone else.

I love celebrating friends.

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