Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jenn Yale's Bridal Shower

This Saturday I attended my friend, Jenn Yale's bridal shower. I've known Jenn for 14 years. We met in Boston when I was working at Boston Medical Center and she working for Andersen Consulting from their Chicago office. She and her other Andersen colleagues would fly from Chicago to Boston almost every week to work regular jobs. I got to know this group rather well because we were all the same age (fresh out of college) and I trained most of them on their job duties.

Jenn mentioned one week that she was staying in Boston over the weekend so I asked if she wanted to go to Concord with me. She said yes and that was the beginning of a few trips around the Boston area and of course started our friendship.

She moved out to Los Angeles not long after that to pursue her screenwriting dream. We get together at least once a year (as our schedules permit) to catch up. I'm very excited that she has found such a nice guy to get hitched to!

Here's Jenn laughing with some friends at our table.
Here is Janice (left), the co-host (the event was co-hosted by her and Jenn's mom and sisters) thanking everyone for coming. Jenn is showing off her vintage 60s dress that she "stole" from her mother's things! How cute is she?
Here are three of Jenn's friends. They are part of her "Trashy Teen Novel" book club.

Here I am with Jenn and her friend, Christina, who I was sitting next to and hit it off with. Christina is from New York, so we were talking about the difference between East and Left Coast attitudes and culture.

Jenn and I!

Jenn is gluten intolerant to say the least! Her friend, Monique, who was sitting to my right, brought dessert of Sprinkles. One box said "Tying the Knot" and those were regular chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting and the other box was "Here Comes the Bride" with gluten free red velvet cupcakes. I tried the gluten free because I am trying to be "gluten light". I also wanted to try it for Shelley who does gluten free and LOVES red velvet cupcakes. It was very moist and delicious!

Here is the gift I brought for Jenn. On the invitation it was asked to bring the gift unwrapped, so I made sure not to use wrapping paper, but I couldn't help but use some decoration! I figure Jenn could use the flower for another gift or as decoration on something if she so desires. I just wanted to make it look pretty!

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