Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kentucky Visit

I flew into Nashville because my sister now lives 90 miles north of Nashville. Erika, Brian and the kids picked me up and we went to Whole Foods, as well as had dinner at Wendy's (in Clarksville which is mid-way point between Nashville and Cadiz, KY. We had to go to Wendy's because every restaurant had an hour wait and Lauren was having serious hypoglycemia issues (I wasn't feeling too well myself!).

The next morning, I gave gifts to the kids. The girls got pink sea shells and Sebastian got a wasp captured in a resin. Here he is checking it out: While I was there I baked 3 HUGE loafs of banana bread to be given to various people on my travels (I gave one to John, one to Andrea and her family and one to Andrea's in-laws). Here is Lauren helping me put in the ingredients!

I also tried a new recipe for pumpkin bars. I made two of them: one for my guinea pigs, I mean Erika and her family and one for Don and Corrine who I stayed with in Ohio. Rebecca helped me frost them with cream cheese frosting.

I bought a bag of apples so that we could go across the way to where the horses corale.

Here are the kids demonstrating how to hold your hand out so you don't get your fingers bitten off.

Notice how flat my hand is-I need my digits!

We had a great time! The house with the grey roof is theirs!

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