Monday, July 20, 2009

Laundry Love and Sunset Concert

Friday my work was let out at 3pm, so I utilized that time by picking up my new friend, Dyanelle and going to Hermosa Beach, making burritos to pass out to homeless people, and then going to the local laundromat to help homeless people get their clothes washed. There wasn't anyone who showed for the laundromat part, so several of the people we met there took the burritos and drinks we had out to where they know some homeless people congregate.

I was able to meet a lot of new people and get to know Dyanelle better. We stayed at the laundromat with Annie, who organized the event, just in case anyone came after the fact. We had to leave a little early to go pick up Dyanelle's sister, Lady Ann.

Saturday I slept in and then did chores during the day. I did laundry (if only I knew I would be going to a laundromat the day before!) and organized more of the papers in my extra bedroom. I am trying to get it ready for Shelley, my friend who will be staying with me while she finds a place in the South Bay. The room looks worse now than it did before, but all I have to do is put some containers away, put the Christmas Ornaments in my storage area and get rid of the extra artificial Christmas Tree I have!

Saturday night I went to church and helped in the nursery. There were only two babies, one being very vocal about not approving that her parent's left. I actually had an opportunity to get to know the dad, who seems like a great guy. His wife is nice, too, but she is sort of quiet. After service I went to dinner with Bryan and Jenn. We went to Mimi's Cafe because I had a free appetizer that I got about a year ago and never used.

Sunday morning I organized some more and then headed over early to Hermosa Beach for the Sunset Concert. I walked to the 90210 beach house (end of Hermosa Beach) and back then met with Nicole and Lisa by the Sea Sprite Motel to head to the sand to set up a place before the concert. We were met up with by Chris Tabon and Cori Blair and we also saw Pam Maury and Dan Bradford (he's a pastor at my church). I left early so that I could make it to my car before dark (I was parked almost a mile away). I sure got my exercise! I was glad of that!

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