Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Smashbox Master Class

Friday night I went over to Nicole's to hang out with her and our friend, Jenn. Jenn and Nicole made a wonderful dinner. We ate it while watching "Gran Turino". I was skeptical about this movie, but although it has a lot of derogatory language the message was a good one--stay connected to people and sacrifice for friends/violence isn't the answer, but protecting yourself and those around you is important.

Saturday morning Nicole had organized an outing to Nordstrom, to a Smashbox Master Class. For those that might have never heard of it (I sure hadn't), Smashbox is a make-up brand started up by Max Factor's grandsons. This brand is used in 80% of the magazine photos. There were 7 of us, so we dominated the class. They taught us how to put their product on and gave us several tricks of the trade. I have never really used brushes when putting on makeup so that is really what I learned.

Jenn was used as the guinea pig, I mean model. ;-)
Chris and Angie after their foundation application.

Here is Dyanelle and I. Dyanelle only needed a tinted moisterizer and her skin looked flawless! She was able to do a lot more fun stuff on her eyes. I admit, I was jealous! This is before our eye make-up, lipstick, etc. was put on.

Here is Jenn in the final product with the makeup artist/instructor.

After putting everything on, I was kind of disappointed. I looked worse than when I do my own make-up with out brushes or expensive make-up. Besides the way the make-up artist did my eyes was almost exactly what I do. Well, I tried to take consolation in the fact that I guess I've been doing it correctly all these years, but I was still looking at myself and was not satisfied. I have to admit that I am apprehensive about using bronzers and blush because I tend to blush on my own, but one of the make-up artists convinced me to let her put it on me, and it made all the difference!

Unfortunately for my wallet that meant I bought out the entire counter. The brushes are what makes it expensive but they said those last 10 years, so I keep reminding myself of that! It was a fun class, though. We all had a lot of fun!

Here is Nicole and Lisa. Nicole fell in love with the "Rolls Royce" brush that is used to apply the cream to powder foundation. She was making love to that thing it was so soft! You can't tell because this picture is mid-application, but all these ladies looked gorgeous when we were done!

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