Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dad's Birthday Lunch and Goodbye Dinner

Wednesday night I was feeling feverish and decided that if I was too tired the next day I would call in sick. Well, it took me 10 minutes to even wake up from my alarm, so I called in to one of my bosses, Reid. According to my staff the next day, Reid was claiming that I was on death's door!

I slept in 3 hours and was unfortunately awoken by opera singing! Apparently the guy who squirts off our walkways sings it--who would've known! I woke up and make several calls to work to straighten out an issue I was supposed to address that day. Then I got a call from my brother-in-law and it reminded me that they (his family) were going to take my dad out to lunch for his birthday. I decided that I was awake enough to go, although I was dragging myself, I can tell you!

All of the kids were dressed in their matching outfits, courtesy of Aunt Betsie (Brian's aunt). They were adorable! We had lunch at Szechwan, a chinese restaurant close by. Lunch was delicious and my dad seemed to enjoy the food. :-) I offered to drive my dad home so Erika and Brian could put the kids down for their nap. I drove my dad home and then drove straight back to my place--I fell into bed I was so tired! I don't remember even thinking as my head hit the pillow.

I slept for another 2 hours. I tried to log into my work email but my connection was cranky so I just rested before heading out again to Palos Verdes for the last dinner with my sister and her family before they headed back to Colorado Springs. We had a good time!

Lauren and Rebecca got a kick out of trying on and walking in my shoes:

Sebastian also got into wearing adult shoes by trying on his daddy's tennis shoes. I took a video but it wouldn't post.

Rebecca was in a silly mood too:

I'm going to miss them all!

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