Sunday, June 21, 2009

Steip Kids Sleepover

This past Friday, my 2 nieces and one nephew, came over for a sleepover without mommy or daddy. They were all very excited about it! Here they are sitting down at a "carpet picnic".

We had pizza and watched a horse movie starring Russell Crowe (who would have thought) and then watched the animated "Robots" movie. Lauren loves horses, but this movie kind of dragged on, so she agreed to watch the Robots movie as long as we finished the other movie the next morning.

While I was at the store getting stuff for the sleepover, I was so excited to see that they still sold Jiffy Pop! When I was a kid, when we stayed over my sister Andrea's for a weekend, she would make Jiffy Pop and we thought it was the coolest thing!

Of course, with the dawn of microwave popcorn, the kids were less than excited, saying "Oh...we always have microwave popcorn." Well, I thought it was cool anyway! They were much more excited when I brought out the Orea cookies for dessert. :-)
After the movie, the kids wanted to dig through my toy bin and pick a stuffed animal to sleep with. Also in the bin are dress up things. Here is Rebecca wearing a blue sparkly scarf while she brushed her teeth.

The next morning we woke up and watched the rest of the horse movie and the rest of Robots after eating a sugary breakfast of Cookie Crisp. Yes, I spoiled them with sugary treats. I had them pack the rest of it in their backpacks so I wouldn't eat the rest!

All in all, we had a fun time!

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