Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Totally 80s, dude!

Halloween night I convinced Shelley to dress up in 80s style clothing with me and go to the Lighthouse on Pier Ave. in Hermosa Beach where they were having an 80s band play. Okay, originally it was her idea, but since she's been sick, she was feeling like she shouldn't go, but I told her that given her outgoing personality she needed to go out and recharge.

So we did and had a great time! Dressing up was a lot of fun and then seeing the other 80s outfits were awesome--totally tubular! There was one guy dressed as an 80s rocker who was awesome. He really got into his character while dancing. His pants were so freakin' tight!

We stayed at the Lighthouse several hours until I was getting tired and I knew Shelley was but she's the type that would push herself because she hadn't been out in a month! We stopped at Pisano's for some pizza before heading back home.

I had to drop Shelley off and gather a few things before heading out to Palos Verdes where I was house-sitting for the night for the Steips while they were at Hume Lake. I arrived at about 1:30am. Angel (the cat) was outside meowing and when I let her in she went straight for her food bowl. Hannah (the dog) was sleeping soundly.

I was still wide awake when I noticed an email from John so I decided to write him back before heading to bed. :) I finally went to sleep at a little past 2am and I slept like a log. I woke up to a beautifully quiet house. I really like the Steip's house, especially the wonderfully arranged adirondack chairs in their back yard.

Here is the view from their back yard. On clear days it is breath-taking!

Not a bad gig, huh?

I was able to wake up in time for church (thank you Daylight's Savings Time). It was a wonderful sermon on "Bearing Fruit That Lasts". The thing I got most out of the sermon was that sometimes there are things in our lives that might be morally neutral that God wants us to lay down because although the thing we are laying down might not be evil, it may not be good for us at that moment. This is a lesson I am learning this year!

In the afternoon, Alice and I went to get manis and pedis and then we had dessert at Creme de la Crepe in Riviera Village. Alice is fun to hang out with!

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