Monday, October 20, 2008

Haiti Hunger Dinner

Last night I went to Kings Harbor Church's Haiti Hunger Dinner. The dinner was $10 for dinner-but the catch is that you don't know what type of dinner you will be getting.

Angie met me there and we both ended up getting a yellow card, which meant that we were Third Worlders--those that live in the third world. Chris Cannon, the pastor, ended up getting a yellow card too and made quite a stink about it. We had to wait to be "seated" and served, so Chris began the chant "Hungry! Hungry!" and everyone waiting in the foyer joined in.

We were finally let in (last!) and seated in the Third World section. The First World represented America and everyone in that section were served a 3-course meal and champagne to drink. The Second World was also seated, but they were served a buffet dinner, so they had to "work" for their meal a bit.

The Third World was seated on a VERY hard floor. There I am in pink! Can you tell I'm repositioning myself to get comfortable?

We were served from huge stock pots filled with rice and beans and we weren't given any utensils. Some people got creative and either ate with a cup or tore off a piece of the paper plates the food was served on to use as a shovel.
As people were eating, we saw a video and then Peter Knutson sang a song ge write. His family just adopted a little girl from Haiti, Eveyline. The process took them 2 years (and she has brain tumors so it was a very stressful two years). His song was about trying to understand why things are the way they are in Haiti (poverty stricken) and why the process took so long.
It was a great way to show people in a tangible way how different life is in poor areas. I got the picture after sitting on the floor about two minutes! My back was killing me. But I had a good experience.

By the way, the pictures were taken by Lucas Simmons, one of the short term missionaries to Haiti. His website is if you want to learn more.


Salzwedel Family said...

What a great idea for bringing awareness to world hunger!

blessedfamily said...

I agree! That is a WONDERFUL idea!