Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jenn's Bridal Shower

Saturday was my friend, Jenn's, shower. Jenn is marrying my brother-in-law's brother, Andy. So, she will be part of my extended family.

The theme of the shower was Tiffany's and my friend, Angie, helped (let's face it, she's the master mind of all things creative) decorate. Here is the table that was set up when you first walked in:
The tables were also decorated with the Tiffany boxes filled with Hydrangeas, which are one of Jenn's favorite flowers.
The punch glasses were turquoise (one of the wedding colors) martini glasses and Angie had put a white ribbon on each with a "Tiffany's" ring tied to it! So cute. The shower punch was also very delicious--I'll admit I had several glasses of the champagne infused libation (don't worry, it was only lightly flavored with alcohol).

Here's Jenn and Angie with Jenn showing off her 24-carat diamond. Yes, there's more--the ring flashes blue!
I volunteered to make Jenn's practice veil. Here is a picture of Jenn's mom, Judy, putting the veil on Jenn.
Here I am with the bride-to-be:
We played the traditional Toilet Paper Bride contest at the shower. Lisa was the model for our team. I think our dress was the best:
When Scotti (the mother-in-law-to-be) modeled her hippie-inspired gown, someone remarked "Scotti needs a joint." It was hilarious!
There was also a quiz game which I did decently on, but didn't win, and a game where they had a bunch of items tied to a "little black apron". We had to try to remember as many items after the model left the room. Here is Jenn modeling the apron:
I constructed the practice bouquet out of the ribbons from the gifts Jenn received so she's all set for the rehearsal:
Everyone had a great time and Jenn seemed to be really happy with the entire event. :)

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