Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sun Valley Writer's Conference Reunion

Yesterday evening I drove to Pacific Palisades to attend a dinner for all of the Sun Valley Writer's Conference contest winners from over the years. I had attended the conference in August 2002 and the contest/scholarship started in 2001.

There were a variety of attendees from various years and it was amazing to see the impact attending the conference had had on everyone. I was able to also see the couple that hosted dinner for us each year. That was a real treat. The Sherwood's are the nicest couple and their sone, Jacques, was able to attend as well. The picture at the top of my blog, the one of me typing at Hemingway's typewriter was taken at the Sherwood's house in Sun Valley.
Their was a professional photographer and a professional videographer to get everything recorded, not only for posterity's sake but also to put together something to give to the donor that has made our attendance over the years possible. I was amazed to find out that no one in the room--not even the organizers--had ever met the man! That is true anonimity! Yes, they know his name, but little else!
We had a cocktail hour (see the above picture) and then we were led inside for dinner. The delicious catered dinner was set on their huge porch, which gave me an opportunity to get to know other "students," as well as catch up with a few I had gone to the conference with. After dinner, everyone reconvened in the living room. The main topic of conversation was how the conference affected us personally, but other related topics were brought up, such as how the effect of a Kingle or Nook will have on the distribution and usage of the written word. I wish I didn't have to leave, but I had to leave at 9:30pm in order to get to my next destination on time.

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