Sunday, October 3, 2010

B.A.S.I.C. Bonfire

Last weekend, B.A.S.I.C. had their first event since our summer break. We had our
2nd Annual End-of-Summer Bonfire!

I figured I would get to the beach around 3pm, to ensure that I would get a fire pit for our event. I had never been to Dockweiler beach, but figured that would be enough time--boy was I (almost) wrong! I searched and searched and could not find an unused or unsaved fire pit.

I even asked a woman if she could part with one of the fire pits that she was saving (she was saving two). She texted the person running their event but they said no. I wondered the rest of the beach and found another group that was saving two fire pits, but I decided to put my blanket down and start praying and I waited for Nicole to come.

Nicole asked the group (who said they were a church group) and they said no as well. We decided to drive to the other end of the beach and we were able to observe that there was a family that was already cooking hot dogs on the fire and Nicole asked them if they were staying late--God is good because they were leaving at 6pm!

We staked out their pit and set up our canopy and the chairs Nicole had brought with her. The family was really nice and allowed us to take their spot, even helping us! Here's Nicole before we moved to the fire pit:
We praised God for the fire pit! Can you imagine if we hadn't gotten it? As Nicole said, this was God's party so He had to show up and He did! A family asked us if we would share our fire pit and of course we said YES! They were a nice family and it turned out they were all Christians!

The rest of the set up went well and people started arriving at 7pm. We had a great location...right in between flame throwers (literally) and a group that had a huge red flag flying!

Pictured below: Rebecca, Gretchen and Brianna:
Here's our wonderful fire!
Here's Lisa Perrish and Steph Feuer, two of the worship leaders:

Everyone seems to be having fun:

Here's a picture of Tammy and Sachin enjoying the fire. If you'll notice, Sachin has a s'more in his hand--his first one! Sachin is from Nepal, so this was his first s'more experience!
Our first B.A.S.I.C. event was a success!

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