Sunday, August 28, 2011

Concert in the Park - 80s Band!!!

After church on Sunday, Shelley came and picked me up at 2:15 to go to a gentle yoga class. Neither of us had gone to yoga in awhile, so it was more difficult that in usually is!

After the class we parked by Polliwog Park and went to their Concert in the Park series. They had an 80s band for this concert.

Shelley and I trying to take our own photo!
Thankfully, the event had several food/snack booths. I was dying of thirst so I was excited to see they had Hawaiian Ice available. Both Shelley and I got some!

The first half of the concert, Shelley and I just sat on my yoga mat and listened to the really good 80s tunes. When they started playing "Jesse's Girl" I told Shelley I had to get up for that one! We walked to the mosh pit and danced the rest of the concert! It was so much fun! They played songs like "Living on a Prayer" and "Shook Me All Night Long." Such great songs to dance to! It was especially fun to see people in their late 40s and 50s jamming to their music!

The base guitarist was like a celebrity at the concert. He came down to the audience and tons of women wanted to take their picture with him. After the concert, Shelley wanted to ask him if he was Peruvian, but just before a young girl asked him to "sign her." LOL.

Here is Shelley with the guitar player:

Shelley and I had a great time! Ah, I miss the 80s!

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