Tuesday, April 3, 2012

St. Louis to Cadiz

Monday of President's Day Andrea and I drove down to Cadiz. We got to meet Leiah Joy, Erika and Brian's 5th child! Here's Andrea with her:Erika with her baby girl:Me with Leiah Joy:Andrea's kids had put a few bins together with toys they are too old for and Erika's kids love them!
Kaylen and Rebecca playing with the toys:
I stayed the week in Cadiz while Andrea drove back. She picked me up the next week. While I was there, I went to the basketball games the three older kids were involved in. Here I am with Kaylen, obviously an unhappy camper:
Scotti was also visiting. Scotti is Brian's mom. Here they are sitting in the stands.
Rebecca and I before her basketball game:
Sebastian playing defense in his game (left of center in red jersey). He actually made a basket at the end of the game: very exciting!
Sebastian again:
I was so proud of Rebecca and those other girls. They stopped during play to help a girl up! True sportsmanship:Rebecca during the game:Lauren coming out to cheer for one of the teams:

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