Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner

had something special planned for Christmas Eve dinner: steak, lobster, rice pilaf and carrots.

Erika showed me how to prepare the lobsters. You cut them down the center and pour drawn butter and lemon down the center. Then you cover them in aluminum foil so that they can steam. Here's Scotti checking on the lobsters:
Here they all are:
Brian cooked the steaks and Scotti did the rice pilaf. I cooked the carrots and prepared the lobsters. Everyone said the lobsters were good (I personally do not like lobster...yep and I'm not a fan of apple un-American).
After dinner the kids played for awhile. It was so adorable!
Kaylenie is so cute!
I had to cuddle with her!
Here is Rebecca, Erika, Brian and Kaylen before the kids had to go prepare for the Christmas play.

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