Thursday, December 2, 2010

Donna's Baby Shower

Even though I was busy studying, I made time for my friend, Donna James's shower. Here I am with Donna (she's the one in the cute navy floral dress, if you couldn't tell haha ;), Angie and Gretchen at the beginning of the party.The party was held in a rec room and there were lots of h'ors doeuvres and of course this cute cupcake masterpiece!
I have so many "Donna's opening gifts" pictures, but I figured I'd include the one of her opening what I got her. ;) I got her a diaper bag and put a few essentials in it (diaper rash cream, a wipes travel case (that was Winnie the Pooh and I had no idea that was the baby theme!), Hylands colic pills, etc.
The games were a lot of fun! I thought it was ironic that all the winners were us singles girls that all met Donna at a church singles group. None of us have kids, although Gretchen is a nanny so she has an advantage over us. ;)

Here's the whole group. Top row from left to right: Tania, Angie, and Lexy (me!). Bottom row from left to right: Colleen, Donna and Gretchen.

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