Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Opening Presents

When we got home it was time to pass out the presents! Then a picture of everyone (youngest to oldest) is taken with their gifts!
There were so many gifts we had to pass out only about 80% though.

The present in the red striped gift is from Santa and they are pillow pets:
Here's Rebecca showing hers (a dolphin) off:
Here's Lauren and most of her gifts:
Grandpa Rich:
Erika (a mommy) got the most gifts I think! Her favorites are the pictures the kids made her.
Brian and his gifts:
And me with my gifts:
For some reason we didn't get a picture of Scotti, but here are a few of her opening the gift we got her (the Willow Tree nativity set).

Scotti has wanted this set for years for tears came to her eyes (and mine):
Yep, she was emotional!

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