Sunday, December 7, 2008


Right before Thanksgiving one of my staff accountants, Nhi, brought me a Cherimoya fruit to try. I got busy with packing for my trip to Colorado that I didn't eat it...but I had promised so I put it in a paper cup and brought it to Colorado with me. Of course, by the time I was ready to try it it was over-ripe and it was terrible!

I thought I could get away from the inevitable question from Nhi, but she asked whether I tried it on the Monday I was back at work. I had to be honest with her and she said it was okay because I was right that it was just because it was too ripe. So she brought me another one to try.

The fruit is a milky white color and it has hard black seeds. Cherimoya has an interesting odor (the outside skin) so it was difficult for me to try it, but the inside has a different smell and the flavor is pretty good. Very sweet, meaty inside.

So, now I can give my account of the fruit to Nhi!

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