Monday, December 8, 2008

Twilight Saga

Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Here's the tale of how I became addicted to the Twilight Saga: I had seen a few minutes of the making of the movie and wasn't too impressed, but then I saw the movie trailer and was a little more intrigued.

I always pick a book to read for my flights and I was going to Colorado for Thanksgiving week. I decided that I wanted to see the movie, but I definitely wanted to read the book Twilight before seeing the movie, because everyone knows the book is always better than the movie! In the airport and on the plane I read about 120 pages. My mouth was watering to read more, but there was my sister and the kids so I put it out of my mind.

Of course, it didn't keep me from telling Erika about the book. She asked for a synopsis and it peaked her interest enough that she asked me to read it to her while she got dinner ready. I was surprised by this because my sister doesn't like reading much, one, and two she doesn't like people reading out loud to her much, either! But it intrigued her so much that she agreed that we should go see it on Monday night. So, that meant we had to read the book before then, and Erika made sure of it. Sunday night I read aloud until 3am because Erika kept cheering me on "We have to finish it tonight!"

Erika and I went to see the movie and we both liked it a lot. It was a great adaption of the book, we both agreed. Erika has a crush on Rob Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward Cullen. Haha.

The next day we were at Target, so I decided to get the next book, New Moon, for the trip back. Of course, I began reading it that night and the next morning. Every once in awhile, Erika would ask what happened. Finally I acquiesqued and started reading New Moon to her while she was cooking, etc.
My sister, Heather, arrived on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and mentioned that she had bought Twilight but lost interest. Erika began to convert Heather's thinking. It worked--Heather wondered if we would see it with her for a girl's night. So we went to see it again. Heather also started reading the book while she was there.

Thursday Erika and I finished New Moon. I had bought the 3rd book, Eclipse, but I didn't dare bring it out. I wanted to read it on the plane. To myself. :-D

Well, I finished Eclipse and then moved onto the last book, Breaking Dawn, which I finished last night. Of course, Erika told me that the author, Stephenie Meyer, started to write a manuscript that has the narration of Edward (instead of the usual Bella (female heroine) narrative. Apparently, the manuscript is on Stephenie Meyer's website. I told her "Why did you tell me that! I thought I was finished! Now I have to read it!" I was hoping I wouldn't lose more sleep reading late at night, but alas I began reading it and now I have to finish. Oy.

Bella and Edward after she discovers what he is: a vampire!


Ginny said...

Is it better than Roswell? :)

Lexykins said...

Haha! Actually there are a lot of themes that are similar between Roswell and Twilight. Human in love with an alien vs. human in love with a vampire. The "non-human" being a male and feeling like they shouldn't be together. Both alien and vampire save the girl's life. The list goes on!

I recommend the book, Ginny--even Jamie is getting into it!