Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am a freakazoid, baby!

I went to the orthopedic specialist today to take a look at my foot while I have insurance and the time on my hands.

A few weeks ago it was pointed out to me that I have another bone on my foot and I found out today that it is the accessory navicular, which most people do not have! I also have the os trigonum (I think that is what it is wasn't on the anatomy chart at the doctor's office but it was definitely on my ex-ray), which is another bone that most people do not have. I'm a freakazoid!

I had to get poked while I was there and a very unusual thing happened while Dr. Reese was doing it-I got nauceous and had to lay down! This never happens to me! She had to give me a steroid shot after that but she didn't use the whole shot because it was too painful. I guess I'm just not meant to be on the juice. ;)

So now I have three big bandages ( two are from a dermatologist appointment) on me, but at least they are temporary! I'll have to try and incorporate it in a Halloween costume!

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