Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spago's with Alice and Dyanelle

Tonight I went to Spago's with Alice and Dyanelle. This week is restaurant week in L.A. so you can get an amazing meal for a super deal! ;)

It was a three course meal and we tried to order different items so we could try them. For the first course Dyanelle had the Crispy Monterrey Bay Calamari with a pickled ginger viniagrette and marinated cucumbers. Alice decided on the Pumpkin Agnolotti with Marscapone Reggiano--it was delicious! I ordered the short rib with mushroom raviolinni with a wine reduction which was also absolutely fabulous! You know it's an amazing culinary experience when you lift your head to the ceiling as you savor the flavor!

For our main course Alice and I both ordered the Wood Oven Roasted Poussin - with caramelized garlic, preserved lemon and roasted fingerling potatoes. It was so amazing! Dyanelle ordered the Pan-Roasted Casco Bay Cod - with puree and ragout of gigante and cranberry beans, pancetta, wild mushrooms and mascarpone emulsion.

For dessert, we ordered the three choices available: I ordered the mixed berry shortcake that had a delectable side of raspberry sorbet! It usually comes with whipped cream on the top, but I don't generally like whipped cream, so I asked for it on the side.
Alice had an apple turnover type dessert--can't describe it. It was like a very crunchy piece of french toast with sliced apples on the top. Dyannelle got the chocolate purse with a side of french vanilla sorbet. That was also quite a rich dessert. By this time, we were all stuffed!

At the end of our meal, we had an unexpected visitor to our table! Wolfgang Puck came over to our table and introduced himself and asked us how our meal was. Of course we had rave reviews!
So that Alice could really feel like a tourist, we took a picture outside of Spago's:

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Ginny said...

That's cool that you got to meet Wolfgang Puck and get a picture to prove it. I'll tell Hock.