Sunday, October 4, 2009

Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair

I work with a non-profit organization called Sharefest. I usually help out with their fundraising dinner doing check-in and check-out and I worked with them in the volunteer coordination booth when we helped with the Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode we were asked to help out with in Redondo Beach.

I had heard about Sharefest having a booth at the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair and decided to volunteer. They decided to sell rootbeer floats to help raise money as well as get the word out about what Sharefest does for the community.
Alice and I met at the shuttle area and took it over to the fair area to find the booth. It was difficult to find--but we did it!

Here is Alice with Lisa Fisher (the organizer) and Karen (another volunteer):
Leah was a laugh riot! Her job was to bring people to our booth to buy those floats! And they did! She was really good at getting people interested!
My job was to scoop out the ice cream-yay! On Saturday, I scooped about 150 scoops out of ice cream (2 scoops per float) for the shift I worked. I worked today and I scooped about 350 scoops! We went through 6 huge tubs of ice cream. So crazy! But it was great to be selling so much!

After we ran out of floats, we passed out the rest of the red vines we were giving out for free (some kids liked to use them as straws).
We got a visit from Butterscotch the clown, who gave us all "kisses":
I got home at 5:30 and boy am I tired! ;-)

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