Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve John drove from San Clemente up to my place to pick me up. We drove up to Monrovia to have dinner with his sister, Erin, her family and John's mom.

Dinner was delicious. John's mom made a traditional Canadian dish called a tourtiere which is a meat pie and very interesting! I love to experience different traditions! They also served this warm rose drink that was also very good and another tradition in the Faries family.

Christmas morning was the Wales tradition of Christmas breakfast out. This year we were able to go to Hot 'n' Tot, which was the original restaurant the family went to 40 years ago.

John and I spent Christmas day together. We just relaxed and I made a sausage salad for lunch (that was not a hit) and then pot roast for dinner (which was a hit!).
John and I exchanged gifts too. He kept saying "Okay, let's get your gift from my car" and I kept thinking "Doesn't make sense for both of us to go." Eventually he went out and got it and I was surprised that it took him so long, but I was busy in the kitchen so I just let that thought pass. Well, when it was time to reveal what it was, I was flabbergasted that it was a piece of furniture in 2 big boxes!
He got me a bookshelf/cubbie cabinet and he put it together for me (without a hammer to boot!). I was his helper by handing him the various components when he needed them. :)

The finished product is now in my living room against the wall adjacent to the kitchen. :) It looks really nice!

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