Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CPA Review Course

Last night was my first CPA review course class. My first section is Auditing. I was able to read the lecture material beforehand, which I think helped because the instructor just goes over the most important information in class.

Since the last time I took the Becker Review Course, they have made a lot of improvements. Now the instructor uses a more user friendly projector and computer interface where he can underline and highlight specific information, as well as include other notes. The student's job is to copy these notes, etc, as it is being lecture to emphasize the most important information.

I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the instructor wasn't dull as dirt, like I've experienced in the past. The time went by relatively quickly and we were actually able to leave about a half hour early.

The drive home was easy but my brain was mushy from the class.

Today I woke up and worked out, showered and got ready for the day of studying. I didn't realize that the homework did not just include multiple choice and simulation question, but it requires you to listen to the lecture again! So, I spent over 5 hours doing only some of the homework (maybe half). I did take a break when my sister, Erika, called me, as well as when I went to the grocery store for a friend. They were nice (and much needed breaks!).

I am currently trying to read the lecture materials for tomorrow's class tonight, although it is difficult! Writing this is a study break for me! I may not be able to do it, but thankfully I have Thursday and Friday (not to mention the weekend if need be) to make up for the time.

I do not see how people who work full time get all of this done. I am sure it will become easier once I get a rhythm going, but after not working for several months it is something to get used to! :)

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