Monday, February 8, 2010

The Remembrance

Friday night King's Harbor started a new monthly service called "The Remembrance." I had heard about it from my bible study, who had decided to go as a group, so I decided to check it out after I spent a few hours hanging out with Shelley at the hospital (she had surgery on Wednesday).

The service was geared towards "young" adults, which when I think of it means adults in their late teens/early 20s and that was the majority of people that were there, mixed with my bible study (we are in our 30s) and a few older people here and there.

The service was different from the normal KHC service by the following:

  • The worship time was at least twice as long
  • Most of the congregation stood in front of the chairs during the worship time
  • Kenny the firefighter (sorry, not sure of his name) was preaching
  • Communion is done with a loaf of bread and a cup of wine instead of matzo and grape juice
  • The worship time at the end was longer as well
  • They had food and drinks after the service.

I thought the service was pretty good, but I don't think it's the service for me. I much prefer Saturday night or Sunday morning service, but I am glad I got to see what it was like.

I am glad I did go to the service because I am fighting something off. Saturday morning I met up with Shelley's mom, Connie, and Shelley at the hospital to help get Shelley home. She was discharged pretty quickly and we were back at her apartment by noon (I arrived at the hospital at 11am).

My job was to do the back-breaking work because Connie has a bad back, so I helped Shelley out of the car. It wasn't really "back-breaking" at all! I was just a support for her. We got her to her chair in the living room and then Connie went and got lunch for us all at the Redondo Beach Cafe which is a stone's throw from Shelley's apartment.

Lunch was delicious and it made Shelley tired, so I helped her to bed. Her bed is so high! But Shelley actually managed pretty much on her own. I really didn't do much at all.

I left about 1pm and went directly to the gym. I should have known something was off with me because I could only do 20 minutes on the ellyptical instead of the 45 I usually do. I couldn't ignore my body so I went home and showered. By 3 o'clock I was exhausted. I zonked out for 3 hours and then I was a slug the rest of the night!

Sunday I felt better and decided to go to the 11am service. I met up with my friend, Stephanie and we ended up going to CPK for lunch to catch up. We had such a fun time!

Sorry, I've been slacking with the pictures. :(

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