Monday, February 22, 2010

New Short Term Roomie and more...

I had a very eventful weekend. On top of studying some more, I had some fun! Friday I met up with my friends, Alice and Mark, and we had a quick dinner at Chick-fil-a and then we went to the movies and watched "Valentine's Day." We all thought it was a cute movie, but we weren't too happy with the kids in the back row talking at the beginning of the movie. I had to tell them to be quiet. The woman next to me was also looking at her cell phone during the movie which was extremely distracting, so I had to ask her to put it away. What happened to the consideration of other people? We didn't spend $11 to not enjoy the experience!

Saturday I spent the morning helping Andrea move in. She is a girl I know from church who will be moving in with Corinne (someone else I know from church) in March, so she needed a short term place to stay. I welcome the company and she'll actually have 10 days by herself because I will be heading to Seattle this Thursday. Andrea didn't have much to bring since her other things are in storage until March when she has her permanent residence.

I left about 5pm to put up Love INC flyers for their annual dinner. I've come to realize that Coffee Bean has more community bulletins than Starbucks! I was able to put up about 20 flyers, but from the looks of the left overs it doesn't look like I put any up! :) Ah well, I hope it helps the cause. I'm not able to come to the event so I had to help somehow.

From there I picked up an asian salad and brought it to Jazz's place for his Saints Victory Party. I wasn't in a super social mood at first, but give me a few minutes and I'm a social butterfly! It was nice to see a few friends I hadn't seen in a few months, like Tania, Beth and Colleen. I had asked my friend, Alan, to come at the last minute and I was so glad to catch up with him too. Lisa, Nicole, Alan and I went outside (it was so warm in Jazz's place!) to the back deck and chit chatted while cooling down. Jazz was a whirlwind of activity and admitted he doesn't socialize much at his own parties, he's so busy making sure everything is ready! He made his traditional red beans and rice and his cousin made gumbo and of course corn bread! It was all delicious!

Sunday morning I went to the 11am service. I was able to talk with Scotti and Rich (my sister's in-laws) who had just come back from their trip to Seattle to see Erika, Brian and the kids. They had a great trip and it made me even more excited for mine! I sat next to Jenn and Andy (Andy is Brian's brother) during the service and they prayed for me afterwards for my trip. It was so heartwarming of them to do that!

I drove to Carson to pick up my niece, Kristen, and her son, Anthony to take them to lunch. We ended up going to Rizzo's Pizza, which had really good garlic bread(sticks). Anthony, age 2, was asleep the whole time. I drove her back to her uncle's and we talked for a little bit longer before I headed out. Kristen lives in Texas now, so I was happy to see her while she was in town.

Sunday night Andrea took me to the Macaroni Grill for dinner. We both love the place and we have our favorite meals we always order (mine is Chicken Marsala). We had a fun waiter named Darin who took our picture (sorry it's a little blurry). :)

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