Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Sumaritan Jeff!

Today I got a text from my friend, Jeff, that he was in the area and he wanted to come over and wash my windows for me--isn't that nice? I had some time available so he came over and washed all of my windows! I was especially happy about the window in the bathroom--that has been bothering me for a long time!

It was nice to catch up with Jeff, too. It was nice to chat with him while he worked and of course I got the cleaning bug and did some dusting that I had wanted to do earlier, but my accounting homework got in the way. I did laundry as well, so I feel pretty accomplished. :) I still have to do some general cleaning but I'm on my way. I am going to have a friend of mind, Andrea, stay with me for a month so I want to make sure the place is nice and neat. :)
As a thank you, I'm going to take Jeff out for dinner. What a nice guy! I will definitely be opening my window blinds more often now that the windows are spic and span! :)

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