Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forks Part Two

We drove back to Forks in the morning to have breakfast and be on our way. Unfortunately, we had a little run in with the law. There is a quick speed limit change at the beginning of town that we both missed (most likely because we were eyeing the nice looking inn that had no vacancy sign on it the night before and the 30 MPH sign was on the other side of the road).

Sarah was pulled over and given a ticket. I began to ask the police officer where a good place to eat in town was and Sarah said "I really don't want to talk to you any more" to the police officier! I was so shocked I said "Sarah!" Sarah has a sarcastic sense of humor so the officier laughed after she quickly said "No offense." He then told us there were two restaurants-one on the right and one on the left.

We chose the In Place restaurant since it was easier access. The food was pretty good, and in line with the rest of town had some Twilight-themed signs up. Our next stop was La Push beach. We passed by the werewolf/vampire treaty line on our way there, which I thought was fun.
Sarah and I were surprised that Third Beach and Second Beach were well marked, but First Beach, the most popular, was not marked at all. We were able to find it, however and I was quite taken by this tree that was really close to where we parked.

The island off the coast of First Beach is James Island, which is where, I believe, Bella cliff dives in the New Moon book.
First Beach is covered with smooth gray rocks, as well as a ton of flotsom and jetsom.

There was evidence that the Quileute werewolf pack had patrolled shortly before our visit and that Jacob Black did, in fact, frequent this beach.

I snagged a rock from the beach and asked Sarah if she thought it was illegal to take them. Her answer: they are everywhere! I knew that, but you never know how many crazed fans would want to take one and suddenly the beach would be bare. I brought it to my sister, Erika, who was ecstatic, and then a second later she asked if I was allowed to take the rock. I looked for signs and didn't see any, so I assume I am not a lawbreaker! ;-)

After our walk from First Beach to Second Beach, Sarah and I started our long drive back to Spanaway/Tacoma. We took a short detour to Quillnault and then to a DQ for a quick lunch. We made really good time. :-) We had a great time!

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