Thursday, September 24, 2009

Port Angeles

After our hike, Sarah and I decided to hang out in Port Angeles. We went to a cute little coffee shop for a drink and then decided to hit up some of the touristy Twilight locations. We went to the "Dazzled by Twilight" store where I had promised to go for my sister's sake. I was able to find a Edward carrying case that she really loved. And of course Twilight chocolates for the kids.

While we were walking along, I noticed two teenages taking their pictures in the alley and I remarked to Sarah, "Why the heck are they taking their pictures in an alley?" I didn't realize until later that is was the supposed alley in the novel where Edward saves Bella from the street thugs. Duh. ;-)
Sarah and I walked a block or so to Bella Italia, the italian restaurant from the book. We were actually able to get a table (it was more crowded than you'd expect).

I decided to order the mushroom ravioli, not only to pay omhage to the book, but because it's my favorite ravioli! It came with chicken, but I ordered a different sauce (alfredo instead of the pesto it came with). It was delicious!
We both enjoyed our meal and were sufficiently satisfied for our 50 or so mile drive to our next destination: Forks!

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