Thursday, September 3, 2009

Laid Off after 5 years at HCP, Inc.

Today I was laid off from HCP. Our department was restructured and I was the carnage! :-)

God has been preparing me for a change for some time, so I was very calm when I came to the conference room where I was told. Of course, I prayed while walking to the elevator, in the elevator and through the lobby to the room! I did not want to lose my composure, and I didn't, thank the Lord!

I came back and told my staff. They were in shock and some shed tears. I got a tiny bit choked up, but I know that this is God's will for my life and I can accept this. I had a discussion with my boss, Arcy, and found out that her role, as well as her bosses role is changing as well. Arcy is taking over my work. My biggest concern was for my staff and how it would affect them, but I know that they will be okay.

I had a brief meeting with our tax department after that because I work with them extensively and I wanted to thank them for being so great to work with. I then went to see Mike Julian and Sellers Stough, my two buddies who I worked with on a regular basis. They were discussing my departure so it was perfect timing that I popped in to say goodbye but not forever because I'll come back and have lunch with them.

My staff and two other coworkers, Patrice and Curtis, who I went to lunch with on a regular basis, took me out to Mimi's Cafe for lunch. It was a nice lunch and I used the opportunity to put them at ease about the fact that I am okay with this change.

When I got back to the office my computer was shut off which meant that I couldn't send the files out that I wanted to send (my staff had asked me for their performance evals and all of that). Reid came to my office to say goodbye and that I could use him as a reference (which I am sure I will do). I just had to pack up my personal things and I was on my way. Thankfully, the entire department was meeting to discuss the departmental changes so I was left to pack up in peace.

I am not sure what my plans are exactly, but please pray that I can de-stress in this time off and that I can be directed in what I should do. Thanks!


Ginny said...

Oh wow, Alexis. I am SHOCKED. I will be praying for you--that this time will be full of peace and good things--and that God will direct you to what you're to do next. He is in control and He is good. Didn't we just talk about this on Monday night? Wow.
Love you lots,
Romans 8:28

Lexykins said...

Thanks so much, Ginny! Yep, I had a feeling change was in the air. So grateful that God prepared my heart. It made today much easier!

Thank you for your prayers!!

Love you too,

Anonymous said...


I was very saddened to learn the news of the lay-off. Jamie and I will be praying for you. We'll give you a call this weekend if you are staying in town for the holiday weekend.