Sunday, September 20, 2009

WA visit and Erika's Birthday

I decided to go to Washington state to visit my sister, Erika (and her family), my brother, Kent (and his family) and my friend, Sarah, since I am now unemployed. Might as well enjoy my time off!

I also figured I could be productive by helping Erika and her family get unpacked since they just moved here a few weeks ago. Well, so far that hasn't happened but I am hoping to be able to do that my second week here. The scheduling is difficult because the kids are homeschooled in the morning (at which time I go for a run) and then they have lunch and then naptime. Then it's time to get dinner ready. Erika naps at the same time as the kids so that leaves out the possibility of unpacking some boxes then. Next week we will focus on it!

I arrived on Sept. 10th. I was happy to be able to come to Erika's birthday dinner. Erika and Brian hosted it at their place and we all had a good time. Kent, Lori and Andrew came over. We had dinner, played with the kids (they were dancng around the bare living room) and chatted and then when the kids had to go to bed, we ended up playing Sequence. It was great spending time with family.

Me and my sis, Erika:
The birthday girl and Lori:

Happy birthday to Erika!

Andy, Erika's bro-in-law, gave the best gift of the night (not including her hubby's gift):

It's a moroccan cookbook that she mentioned she wanted while they were driving from Colorado to Washington. He is so thoughtful!

Here we are playing Sequence:

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