Monday, May 31, 2010

Angie's Move Day 1

My weekend started out with a fun dinner with Liz at The Counter in El Segundo on Friday night. We had a great time!

Saturday afternoon, I studied for about an hour before meeting Shelley for a movie (Just Wright) and dinner at Lazy Dog Cafe. I then went home and studied a little bit more, but no stress!

Sunday I was helping Angie move across the hall. I was able to study in the morning and then I headed over there. I had fun moving...I know, I know. Most people HATE moving, but I always have a good time. You get a workout, spend time with friends and you get to help someone. Gretchen (Angie's roommate) was out of town, so Gretchen's boss and her kids (Gretchen is a nanny) came over to help her move the stuff in her room. The kids also helped Angie and I move smaller things over to the new place.

The kids, Colin and Caitlin, were hard workers and you know what they say--"work hard, play hard!"
They had a great time trying out Angie's trampoline!

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