Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shelley's Birthday

Shelley's birthday was on Saturday! Erika went to a dinner at her in-laws, so I had about an hour before heading over to El Pollo Inka for dinner to celebrate Shelley's birthday. Welp, I was sitting on my bedroom floor picking out a pair of shoes and felt a wave of fatigue go over me, so I thought "I'll just lay back on the carpet and rest my eyes." Famous last words! Thankfully, I was only conked out for a half hour so I was able to get up, get my white strappy kitten heals on, paint my toes electric blue, freshen up my makeup and be on my way.

I met Angie and Gretchen in the parking lot and we walked in together. As usual, Angie's gift was marvelously presented.
El Pollo Inka is Shelley's favorite place (mainly because it is Peruvian). Shelley ordered a couple of appetizers for us to try and I ended up getting Papas Rellena, another appetizer that is basically mashed potatoes shaped like a baked potato with ground beef in the middle. The outer part was crispy and delicious and the beef was tasty.

Here's our group celebrating Shelley (sitting to the right of me):

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