Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dinner at Acapulco with family

During Erika's visit, we met up with my dad and my brother and his son, Thomas for dinner. We met at my dad's favorite place, Acapulco.

Here are some pictures of the kids while we waited to be seated:
Sebastian running around:

At first Rebecca was trying to cover her face with her jacket, but she's really just a plain ol' ham!

We also had along with us Ruby, my fairly new great niece (daughter of Samantha Wales, my brother, Todd's child). Erika fell in love immediately and her kids also really loved the baby, who was only 3 months at the time.

Here's my nephew Thomas helping stir the 15 packets of sugar into Erika's tea (I am not exaggerating...look at the remnants of sugar packets on the table):
Thomas is concentrating so hard! LOL

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