Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flight and RA

It was a tearful goodbye when I had to go. Rebecca started crying saying "I wish you could come with us to Washington!" Ah, unfortunately, at least at this time it's not where God is calling me.

I was able to get my flight to Denver without much of a hitch except for waiting more than usual. Sunday is not a good time to fly! After racing to my connecting flight, I found out it was delayed. Hundreds of people were crowding the terminal because it was taking forever to unload passengers and even more time to load them. My seat number was 43H so I wondered how big this plane was! There were a total of 459 passengers--the plane was completely booked!

I sat next to a nice gentleman from Papa New Guinea. This was his second of 4 flights he would have to take. From LA he was going to Sydney and then onto his island. I learned a lot about his country and what I can do if I ever want to travel there.

I arrived an hour late and I was concerned about the pickup! Angie and Gretchen had come to pick me up and then Shelley up. Thankfully they were able to pick Shelley up before me. Again, it was a madhouse in LAX, but I have a very unusual piece of luggage that I had picked up in St. John (beige with taupe shells with bright pink handles)so I was able to get it pretty quickly.

Even though it was late, Shelley really wanted to go to RA for sushi. Shelley, Angie and I used to go on Sunday nights because it was half off. We were told it was a 40 minute wait, but when Shelley discovered that there were 4 empty tables she made a stink about that fact and that we weren't there to drink (they would delay seating people so that they would buy a drink). Normally we'd go when it wasn't as busy as it was, but we were about two hours later than usual.

We had a good time catching up. Shelley entertained us with her stories of Peru (she was there for a year on a teacher exchange program).

Here we are: Me, Shelley, Angie and Gretchen.

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Ginny said...

I'm sure the good-bye was hard!! It sounds like you made some wonderful memories and were there for some great milestones. What a blessing to have such a close and loving relationship with your sister and her family. Love you!