Sunday, August 30, 2009

Open Sesame and El Pollo Inka

Friday night Shelley, Angie and I ended up meeting at a Mediterranean restaurant called Open Sesame. I've been to the Long Beach location so I knew what I'd order: Chicken Swarma. I love it! We also ordered this potato appetizer with a lemon sauce that was really good. I couldn't finish my meal I was so stuffed.

Shelley at Open Sesame:

The three of us felt like a stroll, but there wasn't much around the area so we ended up walking next door and roaming the aisles of Ralph's! So exciting! Shelley kept picking up an item here and an item there until her arms were completely filled!

Saturday I woke up at a leisurely 10am. I went to Jamba Juice and was devastatingly disappointed that they didn't have my favorite--blueberry & blackberry steel cut oatmeal! So, I got my favorite drink-the 16 Strawberry Nirvana-yum! I grabbed my iPod and walked to Hermosa Beach, then made it to the 90210 beach house and then back. Ran some errands and on my way out of the parking lot I ran into Aurora, an old coworker from a few years back. We shot the breeze for a few minutes before I made my way home.

Shelley and I decided to get our nails done at my nail place. We both had weeks where we deserved to be pampered! We then met up with Angie and had dinner at El Pollo Inka, a great Peruvian restaurant.
Okay, so it's backwards--but it's colorful and festive!

After eating we went to Angie's and hung out with her and her roommate, Gretchen. We had a fun time!

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