Monday, March 8, 2010

Miscellaneous Wash. Pics

This was a typical scene while I was visiting. Sebastian had to eat several bites of applesauce just before taking his "yucky" medicine. He still got 2 spoonfuls of chocolate sauce after taking the medicine, but he still dreaded it.

While I was there, I let Rebecca text her grandma and grandpa. I also inadvertently introduced my sister's kids to computer games. Whoops! Don't even know how it happened since I don't usually play them myself!
There are cherry blossom trees planted all over Erika and Brian's neighborhood. They were in full bloom:
I brought a bag of my leftover change with me to give the kids. Lauren and Rebecca had the job of splitting the moula between the four of them. They had fun doing it and each of them ended up with $2.79.
I just love this picture of Kaylen and Peppi. Isn't it adorable?

One of the nights, the girls decided to dress up and put on a show. Here was Kaylen's first outfit:

Lauren and Rebecca performed several songs:

The best part of my trip was all the love I felt from my family. :)

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