Saturday, April 3, 2010

Howl at the Moon

Last night about 12 of us drove to Universal City Walk to celebrate Nicole's birthday at the piano bar Howl at the Moon. She had won VIP entry (which included 2 low-priced drinks and a buffet).
Here's Stephanie, me and Nicole:
The atmosphere is really fun...Nicole was asked to go up to the piano player and he began to sing "an 80's song" but it was the "Oscar Myer Weiner" song and he started getting raunchy with it (which I definitely didn't appreciate) so much that Nicole ran to the other piano player to sit next to him! That was a smart move! I brought my camera, of course, so Jenn and I had some fun with it:

There was a tv film crew at the bar. Apparently TLC is filming a "reality" show about a girl who lost 100 lbs and they gave her a "trunk lift" surgery in exchange for filming her story. It's funny how they call it "reality tv" yet she came up to the stage 3 different times to get her "Thank you for all the support" speech just the way the production staff wanted it. I was so glad that they stopped at 3!

There were a few people there that I rarely get to see, so it was nice to chat with them. I ordered wine because the first two drinks were only $1, but I didn't care for it so I only had a few sips. I did have about half of Nicole's blended drink which tasted just like punch (Nicole gave it to me because she thought it was too sweet) and I got a little tipsy for a little bit (not the whole time).

From left to right: Kaitlyn, Este, Lisa and Nicole:

Bryan drove my car there since I really didn't want to drive to L.A., so we left at about 9 upon his request. I was so happy for someone else to drive, but it was a little odd sitting in the passenger side of my own car! Before heading back, we stopped in at YogurtLand where Bryan tried about 15 different flavors before settling on red velvet cake batter, strawberry and vanilla.

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