Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leslie's Birthday Dinner

Tonight I met up with a group of people to celebrate our friend, Leslie's, birthday. We went to Buca di Beppo's which I always like. I was craving their Apple and Gorgonzola salad (with Feta instead of gorgonzola cheese) since the last time I had gone to Buca's. It is such a fresh salad and they do not overdo it with the dressing.

Leslie doesn't really like a lot of attention so she doesn't really celebrate her birthday, so most of her friends were surprised she was having anything. Of course, it wasn't her idea--it was Nicole's, which was nice.

Here's Nicole and Lisa: Leslie and Heather:
Leslie is a huge Lakers fan, so she wasn't without Laker gear!We had tons of food left over! We packed up the vegetarian dishes for Leslie and gave the chicken to Bryan (he's our starving student! :).

I ended up running into a blast from the past: Collette Temblador. She and I used to attend catechism together, so I've known her since we were 5. We used to be best friends, way back when. I have so many memories of her. Her 9th birthday party she had a Michael Jackson look-a-like, which was so cool back then (it was before he got weird). She and I were also in drill team together and she hosted a sleep over that my sister, Erika, still mentions to me (while Erika was sleeping, a group of girls put mustard in her hair and she's been traumatized every since!). It was nice to see Collette again. I can't believe how time flies!

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