Thursday, April 22, 2010

Root Canal - Again

Whelp, I had to get another root canal today. I went back to Dr. Shams to check on the pain I had a week ago. The antibiotics he had prescribed to me really helped out, but I was still experiencing pain and Dr. Shams felt that I should have a root canal.

My last root canal was in February and it was a breeze in comparison to this one! The last one had less infection and only one canal. Dr. Shams pumped me with tons of novacaine and I still felt pain. Even after the root canal I felt pretty intense pain due to the infection. Dr. Shams prescribed me a different antibiotic as well as a Tylenol-3 prescription, although I haven't taken the T-3 because it makes you drowsy and I needed to stay awake so that I could finish the Regulation simulations I needed to finish in order to print out the performance summary I need to get a free retake.

I was able to finish the simulations--yay! I was also able to read one section (of seven) while in the dentist's office! I was joking with Dr. Shams that people don't like the dentist and taxes and I was combining the two--facing fears! :)


howdidIgethere said...

So glad to hear it went as well as a root canal can go... I know how you feel.

Ginny said...

Are you feeling better now? Root canal and taxes--you ARE brave!

Love you!

Lexykins said...

I feeling somewhat better...I'm on a second round of antibiotics and still doing their thing. I have to take Aleve when it gets irritated. But I'll be back to normal soon! :)