Thursday, April 29, 2010

Carpet Cleaning!

Yesterday I took the day off for another dental appointment. My friend, Jeff, came over and cleaned my carpets as well! We made a deal: I pay for the rental and he does all of the work (and he used the machine on his place too. It was a SWEET deal for me.

Right away when he came over he noticed that the battery in one of my fire alarms was beeping...I must confess that it had been beeping for over a week...Jeff couldn't stand it for two seconds! It was nice to have a guy around to change the battery. I AM capable of doing it myself, but it was sort of an experiment because I figured he would do it if he heard it go off! :)

The process took several hours. Jeff put this spray down and then he put this saw dust material on the carpet and used the machine to brush/grind the material into the carpet. I went to my appointment and came back and he was still hard at work.

Then he left to go to his place and then he came back several hours later to vacuum it all up--he really worked diligently. I was getting hot just watching him work! He even took out his crevice tool! I love a man who can use a crevice tool! :)

Now my carpets look brand new! After my exam I am going to do a thorough dusting so that it completes the finished look!

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howdidIgethere said...

He's a keeper. :) Wish I could borrow him.