Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lexylou Who is Baaaaack!

I took the plunge and got the remaining gum surgery done. I had to get the bottom teeth grafted which wasn't as involved as my last surgery, although they did have to take the gum from the roof of my mouth like the last time.

I am not allowed to talk for a few days, which is very difficult, but my face is going to puff up even more than it is, so I'm sure people will just run away screaming from me, so there won't be much need for talking! ;)

I was really puffy on the last gum surgery. I also had a black eye, so we'll see what I have this time. I really do look like I belong in the Jim Carey version of The Grinch Stole Christmas! But hopefully that's in a Whovalicious kind of way!

Tomorrow I have to figure out who can take me to get my car from the doctor's office. I got a ride back from the doctor who did my surgery, which was really nice.

I'm going to rest now. :)

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Ginny said...

I hope you're feeling ok!! Thanks for the call yesterday! I hope that means that you are very much on the mend and are allowed to talk now. (You weren't breaking any rules were you?) :)