Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unemployment and CPA Review

Today I was FINALLY able to apply for unemployment successfully! I had tried to apply online but I received a message that I was a "special" case and I had to call them directly. Initially I thought this would be no big deal until I found out that they do not queue up calls unless you are one of the lucky ones that happen to call just as another call has ended and then you are put in a queue.

So, I found myself calling the EDD about 20 times this morning to get just the right timing. I was able to process my claim and found out that I will get the maximum benefits which will help me avoid using my savings (I would like to own a home one day, you know!). I don't know how I was a special case for them since it seemed pretty cut and dried, but whatever-it's done!

As I have been looking for work, it became clear that I need to get my CPA certification to remain competitive for jobs. I signed up for the Becker CPA Review and was thankful that they keep their records (I took the exam 10 years ago and was one question from passing 2 parts-yes it is a curse that I will overcome this time!!!). Because I had done everything they required for a free retake back then, but didn't utilize it (due to burn out), now that the test format has changed I was able to get 50% off the course (that's a $1,500 savings). I still had to pay a very exorbitant price for their flashcards and what they call the "Final Review" which is a series of cram sessions, but it will be worth it to pass each section the first time.

My first class is Audit and it starts February 8th. My classes will be in Long Beach, right across the street from my old office, so I am familiar with the area. They will be held from 6-10pm which is good in that if I find a job I can continue with the classes. The only bad thing is focusing on the subject so late at night. I've done it before, but I was working then so now I'll have more time to devote to studying. I will consider it (and looking for a job) my job for now.

The unfortunate part of the class is that it is on Mondays and Wednesdays, which means I can no longer attend my Wednesday bible study. These classes will end at the end of June, so that is quite a long time without a bible study. I may have to find new bible study on a different date. We'll see where God leads me. They did have a Tuesday/Thursday class located in L.A. but it was near the USC campus which is a really bad area, so I said "No way!"

I am excited to be doing something that will further my career and make it easier to find a job in the future!

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